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Gina Argento is a film and television production professional who holds decades of experience in the industry. Gina is the CEO and President of Broadway Stages, a studio certified as a woman owned business by the City of New York Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE), where she is responsible for providing strategic business direction, facilitating client relations, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Broadway Stages was founded in 1983 with Gina joining her brother, Tony Argento, after earning her master’s degree from St. Joh’s University. In the time since its founding, Broadway Stages has expanded from a small company specializing in music video production to one of the largest television studio production companies in New York. Broadway Stages now holds over three million square feet of integrated space, unique locations for scenes, comprehensive production services, and 60 soundstages throughout New York City. The company has worked in tandem with their clients to employ thousands of professionals within the area, has created countless jobs, and has developed various eco-friendly, community based initiatives to show its commitment to contributing to a better world.

Colleagues of Gina Argento maintain that she is a professional who is immensely passionate about her field and consistently works towards ways that she can streamline operations and contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and economically productive culture within the industry. Those who have worked with Gina uphold that she dedicates herself to ensuring that Broadway Stages a culture based on tradition, experience, and community focus. Gina Argento aims to keep Broadway Stages along with its processes aligned with ideals the company was founded on such as trust, resolve, respect, and collaboration for unrivaled client and community service.

Gina Argento of New York Explores Ways TV and Film Communities Impact Positive Change

Gina Argento of New York

As a professional with decades of experience working in film and television, Gina Argento is a proponent of using her platform and resources to give back to communities to facilitate positive change. Gina maintains that one of the barriers to working to create positive change is often an inability to contextualize how efforts can be made to maximize the impact of organizations’ goals. Here, Gina Argento of New York includes a few effective ways that tv and film communities impact positive change.

Facilitating Initiatives

Gina Argento speaks to how one of the most direct ways that the tv and film industries can contribute to positive change is through community-based initiatives. At Broadway Stages, Gina and her team have facilitated a wide range of eco-friendly initiatives displaying the organization’s commitment to a cleaner world. For example, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Broadway Stage’s implementation of solar power within soundstage buildings, Kingsland Wildflowers, and Broadway Stages Green Corridor all stand out as examples of the company’s steps to fund green initiatives. One of the great things about facilitating community-based initiatives is that they can be tailored both to the missions of organizations and the needs of the communities that they operate within. These initiatives are impactful and show that tv and film teams consider themselves active parts of their surrounding communities.

Participating in Community Outreach

Conscious tv and film communities can utilize their resources to participate in incredibly effective community outreach based on the needs that they recognize in the areas they operate within. This is because many professionals working within these industries either have talents that can be lent to others in need or have platforms that can be leveraged to help others receive necessary support. Gina Argento of New York mentions that many videographers interested in giving back lend their talents to non-profit and charitable organizations that need their know-how for pro-bono projects. On the other side of the camera, established actors often use their image and platform to garner support for organizations whose missions align with their personal passions. When members of tv and film communities are mindful of the impact they can have through community outreach, the sky is the limit for what they can help achieve.

Increasing Access to the Arts

Visual art is known for its ability to start conversations that serve to create positive change. TV and film communities, through investing in the industry, producing jobs, and playing a direct role in the creation of new art, increase access to the arts. Many professionals within the industry uphold that one of the most exciting facets of the work is the opportunity to tell diverse stories that connect with audiences. The stories that tv and film tell can have a host of benefits. TV and film can be catalysts to interest audiences in other artistic mediums, instill important values and life lessons, share cultural experiences. Through providing the opportunity for more content to be created, tv and film communities can expand the impact of artistic works.

Gina Argento of New York

Producing Career Opportunities

TV and film production involves many moving parts, and professionals with a wide range of specialties are needed to successfully produce, film, edit, and distribute content. Gina Argento of New York recognizes that, while tv and film requires the work of producers, actors, scene technicians, videographers, etc. there are also lesser known roles that contribute to the infrastructure of studios. For example, Broadway Stages has required the work of professional plumbers to provide comprehensive plumbing services and fire sprinkler installation within their facilities. There are so many important professionals working within tv and film, and the industry provides a variety of career opportunities that contributes to local economies.

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Gina Argento of New York recognizes that there are many individuals who are interested in learning more about film and television. To this point, Gina hopes to update this site with a collection of resources that demystify her area of expertise and contribute to key conversations within the realms of tv and film. Future posts from Gina will address topics such as traits and characteristics associated with certain roles in television and film production, recent developments in both industries, insights for new professionals finding their niche, and more.

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